Vent Hood Filter Cleaning

Vent filters are the first line of defense in your commercial kitchen exhaust system. Irregular cleaning frequencies or improper cleaning can lead to main problems including poor suction, fires, and hot cooking environments. To maintain kitchen exhaust system, the best way for a restaurant owner or manager is to clean their vent hood filters.

A vent filter that is blocked with grease does not let your system to "breath" accurately and can cause untimely failure of your fan motor, smoke in your restaurant and an inequality to your inside air quality. Fortunately having your commercial kitchen vent hood filters professionally cleaned and maintained is easy, with Hood Cleaning.

Effective cleaning, replacement, and exchange of your commercial kitchen’s vent hood filters are crucial for the safe operation of your business. And the best way to make sure your vent hood filters ongoing performance is with regular filter maintenance from a trusted company, such Hood Cleaning. How often you should have your kitchen filters cleaned and exchanged will depend on your commercial kitchen, your business and the type of cooking taking place.
Hood Cleaning is specializing in keeping your commercial kitchen vent hood filters clean from grease accumulation. The grease that builds up in vent filters, ducting, and fans can cause fires in your ducting and cause damage to the restaurant. With our professional cleaning services, we will create a protected cooking environment in your restaurant free from flammable grease that builds up in your vent and hood exhaust systems.

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At Hood Cleaning, we have professional service maintenance staff that will exchange your dirty filters with clean filters. Here are our suggestions:

  • Do not wait for vent filters to be blocked with grease. Maintaining them on a regular basis keeps them working efficiently.
  • Save on the wear and tear of putting them through your dishwasher and grease into the sewer system.
  • Avoid staffing cost for having those washing filters without the proper equipment to get them completely cleaned.

Why choose our vent hood filter cleaning service:

Being a reputed provider of commercial kitchen filter cleaning and other services, our cleaning professionals are experienced in the maintenance of commercial kitchen vent hood filters. They use specialized equipment to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Our service takes only some minutes, our technician will clean your dirty grease filters or exchange them with clean filters (if required) of the same quality and size. We service restaurants on the monthly, weekly or daily program, but we can customize the frequency to fit your requirements.
Here are some benefits of our service:

  • Reduced liability
  • Lower labor costs
  • Meet fire codes
  • Monthly programs
  • Very affordable
  • Improve efficiency
  • No Mess
If you have a filter covered in grease, call us at +23 120 230 340 for an estimate on your vent hood filter cleaning needs and let us set your mind at ease and give you the best services of regular cleaning at your restaurant in Atlanta, GA.