Rooftop Grease Containment

Collected grease on the rooftop fan of your commercial cooking operation is a problem that can lead to many tricky situations. The most important equipment that will prevent grease spills on your roof is a functioning rooftop grease containment system. The grease will ultimately end up on your rooftop if you do not have a rooftop grease containment system installed.

Whether your building is a kitchen, restaurant, food processing plant or manufacturing facility ignoring this concern opens you up to redundant liabilities, code violations, safety hazards and costly replacement or repairs. So, a rooftop grease containment system is an essential investment for all the commercial restaurant owners.
Hood Cleaning offers a rooftop grease containment system that captures oils, grease (FOG) and fats directly from a kitchen exhaust fan before the grease reaches the surface of the roof whether your facility is a commercial kitchen, restaurant or any type of food processing plant. A careful rooftop cleaning, followed by the installation of a grease containment system will help remove costly roof replacements, roof deterioration, unsafe work areas and voided roof warranties.

It is very important to utilize a rooftop grease containment system as well as it’s also important that it’s cleaned on a regular schedule according to the cooking volume of your kitchen. At Hood Cleaning, we provide both installation and maintenance of rooftop grease containment systems. Our professional team always inspects the system, inform you of any hazards and address the situation as needed. We install, sell and maintain efficient systems that are intended to protect your commercial kitchen roof from costly repairs caused by rooftop grease. It is truly an inexpensive way to protect your roof.
Here are some benefits of our rooftop grease containment system:

  • It will prevent expensive roof repairs or replacements.
  • Maintain your roof from the fire hazards associated with extremely flammable cooking grease.
  • Enhance contractor and worker safety and reduce the company exposure to rooftop workers compensation claims.
  • It replaces outmoded grease containment techniques and costly cleanup of accumulated rooftop grease.
  • Handle higher volumes of grease as your cooking volume increases.
  • The full-service program allows store personnel to concentrate on food preparation and customer service.

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We are able to provide you a wonderful rooftop cleaning service and install a rooftop grease containment to prevent additional problems. As with all of our professional services, you will find that we provide thorough inspections and address any other potential problems. All of our most qualified cleaning technicians are ready to help with the maintenance or installment of a rooftop grease containment system and check for any issues with your exhaust system.

Whether you are interested in having a grease containment system installed on your roof or need repairs completed to damages already caused by grease contamination, contact Hood Cleaning today at +23 120 230 340 to discuss the options for your restaurant rooftop that will help eliminate roof deterioration, costly roof replacements, combustibles draining to your roof, and voided roof warranties!