Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

A kitchen exhaust system cleaning process is used to remove grease that has accumulated inside the hoods, fans, ducts, and vents of commercial kitchen exhaust systems. If you are operating a commercial kitchen, you should know that the regular maintenance of kitchen exhaust system is one of the most important defenses against fire hazards.

When the exhaust system of the kitchen will be clean it will offer a safer, cooler, clean and healthy environment for your commercial kitchen. Failure to maintain your kitchen exhaust system will yield major penalties for non-compliance and result in safety and fire concerns. Maintaining a clean commercial kitchen shows your customers and employees that you care about the food service you provide as well as their health and safety.

Hood Cleaning is the best kitchen exhaust system cleaning service provider company in Atlanta, GA which provides the first line of defense against the risky incidents that can happen in your kitchen. Cleaning the grease out of the exhaust system, doing the job correctly the first time and giving you the service you deserve and expect is our top priorities.

Benefits of Professionally Cleaned Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems:

  • Decrease risk of fire
  • Improve health standards
  • Better ventilation for odor and smoke removal
  • Greater energy savings
  • Compliance with local and national fire and health codes
  • Prevent costly damages and breakdowns
  • Clean environment and minimize product contamination

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Why Choose Us?

The easiest and most practical way to rid your hood and duct systems of grease, dust, food particles, and other flammable material and protect your kitchen from fires is scheduling a company which provides professional commercial exhaust cleaning services. Whether you are a big city bistro or a small town cafe, our experts can take care of your commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning to keep your kitchen and business safe from hood fires.

Hood Cleaning is fully insured, bonded and committed to your full satisfaction. We protect your kitchen staff, rooftops and customers from the hazards of grease, such as devastating kitchen fires. If you want your kitchen hoods sparkling clean without any business interruptions, hassles, or mess for you to clean up, just call us.

With our complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning services, you will never have to worry about putting your employees or business at risk of an unexpected grease fire. By scheduling regular kitchen exhaust system cleanings with Hood Cleaning, you will be protecting yourself from surprise fire inspections as well as ensuring a clean equipment and kitchen that will last longer.

A dirty kitchen exhaust system can leave your business in ashes. So don’t let this happen to you. Just contact Hood Cleaning, which will thoroughly clean your kitchen exhaust by using specialized equipment and degreaser. Our specialized technicians will clean all ductwork and components in the kitchen exhaust system from roof-top to cook-top to prevent fires and for proper maintenance.

For more information about our commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning service or for a free quote, contact the experts at Hood Cleaning today!