Grease Trap & Dumpster Area Cleaning

Grease traps are smelly, dirty and somewhat unpleasant to work with and if you ignore your grease trap cleaning duties they can become possibly dangerous and an environmental hazard. Whether you are the owner of a cafeteria, a fine restaurant, a school cafeteria or the manager of a shopping mall food court, you are going to have a lot of build-up in grease traps, and the cleaning of grease trap & dumpster area is really important for your business.

A grease trap is a container, commonly placed underground and usually outdoors, that is necessary in most commercial kitchens to collect the oils, greases, and fats that run through the drains during normal kitchen operations. Grease traps are essential for removing the harmful materials that come from the kitchen and keep them out of the municipal sewer lines. We at Hood Cleaning want to do our part, working with food businesses, to offer a healthy and sanitary dining experience.
If you notice any of the following signs, you might be in need of grease trap cleaning.

  • Odd smells coming from your drains
  • Standing or slow water in your commercial kitchen
To prevent damage to your pipes and ensure your sinks are running efficiently, your grease traps should be cleaned regularly.

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Hood Cleaning provides the ability to thoroughly clean your dumpster pad. The area around your dumpster can quickly get out of hand attracting vermin and animals. Sometimes the grease receptacle is also in the dumpster pad area and can be surrounded by grease or oil. Our qualified technicians will inspect your systems, check for the warning signs, and advice suitable service frequencies and maintenance plans to help keep your grease system running efficiently. Our experts will clean up the larger debris before soaking the area with proprietary cleaners. Then using specialized tools, willpower washes all surfaces getting rid of excess buildup leaving a clean dumpster pad.

Our technicians are available for regular maintenance, cleaning, and verification of grease traps, interceptors and lift stations. We try to prevent odor problems and other health hazards related to blockages. Also try to prevent discharge of grease, oil and food solids into the sewer. Our experts give you similar other suggestions to prevent further worsening of the situation.
It is clear that some of you must be thinking of grease trap and dumpster area cleaning for your own restaurants. Considering the large number of restaurants that keep popping up from time to time, Hood Cleaning has specialized services for the same. Our services provide a win, win solution to everybody involved in providing a service to fit every requirement. Our program is designed for your specific needs and is unique to each of our clients. Work with Hood Cleaning for your business waste management needs. Whatever your budget, Hood Cleaning provides the highest quality of service for the lowest price.

If you are noticing signs of a clogged grease trap or are just looking to keep your commercial kitchen running effortlessly, call at +23 120 230 340 today and speak to the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Hood Cleaning to schedule your Atlanta, GA grease trap & dumpster area cleaning.