Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Restaurants are judged by the quality of their food, service and the cleanliness of their kitchen. But commercial kitchen equipment and appliances are among the hardest things to keep in a clean state. They take lots of abuse and need regular cleaning. Overuse of fryers, stoves, and ovens or any other commercial kitchen equipment used in food preparation can cause an uneven taste in the food that is being cooked.

If the equipment you use in your commercial kitchen not cleaned properly they could pose serious risks to your customers and staff. It is therefore highly important to keep your commercial kitchen equipment clean at all times. Whether you are a single restaurant or a large scale food production factory, we can help.

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At Hood Cleaning, we work hard to ensure your business does not compromise on safety and health. As trained professionals, we can not only clean your equipment so that it looks great, but we can take it apart and put it back together appropriately. If you have kitchen equipment that you would like to clean, call us. Our professional staff provides deep kitchen equipment cleaning services that can prepare your kitchen to meet even the highest standards.

Hood Cleaning is a leading commercial restaurant cleaning company in Atlanta, GA which is efficient in maintaining and cleaning all types of commercial kitchen equipment. We are a team of trained professionals who thoroughly clean industrial ranges, fryers, ovens, grills, steamers, combination ovens and many more appliances.
Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Benefits:

  • Eliminate any food source for unwanted rodents and insects
  • Meet insurance policy requirements
  • Reduce the risk of fire in the kitchen
  • Efficient smoke and odor ventilation
  • Decrease additional wear and tear on equipment
  • Contributes to the maintenance of a pleasant and safe working environment
  • Reduce the need for equipment replacement and costly repairs
Taking care of kitchens is our joy and pride. With every cleaning, we pay more attention to detail and even help you and your staff the proper maintenance techniques to use between professional cleanings. If you are looking for a partner that can help keep your commercial kitchen equipment clean and treat you and your staff with respect then let us do an inspection in your kitchen. Our skilled team will find all the trouble spots, and help to ensure that you are up to code for both cleanliness and fire.

Whatever your budget or requirements, Hood Cleaning can perform a deep commercial kitchen equipment cleaning service to match. To minimize disruption to your business, we will tailor our kitchen cleaning service schedule to work around your work schedule.

Call us today at +23 120 230 340 for the best commercial kitchen equipment cleaning service and let us manage your safety control and hygiene so you can focus on keeping the rest of your business on top form. We are located in the Atlanta, GA, but who care's where we are located. We are coming to you!