Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

An unsanitary or visibly dirty kitchen can lead to losing business reputation, increase in food-borne illnesses and injuries for the workers. That is why it is significant to regularly clean and maintain your commercial kitchens, not only for appearance but for safety and health reasons.

Commercial kitchen cleaning is the key component of maintaining a professional, welcoming environment for your customers and let you build a great reputation for a professional business that complies with all the high standards of hygiene.

Running a restaurant is not an easy task. The list of things to take care of never ends. One of the leading causes of fires in restaurants is grease fires because of grease build up. Don't let this happen to your business! Hire an experienced and knowledgeable cleaning company which provides top-notch commercial kitchen cleaning services that can help you to maintain your commercial kitchen.

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Hood Cleaning offers a comprehensive commercial kitchen cleaning services to quick service cafeterias, full-service restaurants, and other food service businesses in Atlanta, GA. With Hood Cleaning on task, your commercial kitchen will not only seem clean as well as it will actually be a healthier, cleaner place for everyone. We will clean your kitchen from top to bottom and deal with all the following surfaces and areas:

  • Outside of Hoods
  • Walls and Ceilings
  • Clean Vents
  • Acoustic Ceilings
  • Freezers & Coolers
  • Pressure Wash and Scrub Floors
  • Appliance Cleaning

Our team is extremely professional, properly trained, insured and highly experienced when it comes to the needs of the food industry, and works with restaurant owners to develop a commercial kitchen cleaning schedule that meets their unique requirements and fits within their budget. Our services can be customized to ensure only the areas you need to be cleaned at the frequency you require.

At Hood Cleaning, we offer the following essential benefits in our commercial kitchen cleaning services:

  • A customized commercial kitchen cleaning program to suit your business
  • A professional cleaning team that has gone through an extensive training program
  • Environmentally safe equipment and products
  • Best practice measures observed to avoid cross-contamination
Our staff members are all owner-operators in their own right. This means that they are extremely motivated to do whatever it takes to add the little but major touches to the visual appearance of your place.

If you run a commercial kitchen and require any quick, efficient, and cost-effective commercial kitchen cleaning services, call Hood Cleaning and let us clean your food preparation, serving and dining areas. We use proprietary chemicals and modern equipment to clean and degrease your kitchen in order to enhance the appearance of your kitchen and restaurant, enable you to pass your next health inspection, and ensure the health and safety of your customers and employees.

Contact Hood Cleaning and impress your inspectors and patrons alike with a meticulously and beautiful sanitized kitchen. Every time we stop by for a service, your kitchen will be left sparkling, and looking like new.