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Large Elbow Millefiori Pattern necklace


The next time you go out....


You'll see the woman across the room glancing in your direction, and she's whispering to her friends, "I want her necklace."  Do you share the secret of where you found it, or keep it a mystery?  It's all up to you when you wear your exquisite sterling silver necklace with a traditional millefiori focal piece.  Treat yourself to this gorgeous necklace today, as it's on sale for only a limited time.


• Early 1900’s African Trade Bead handcrafted in Venice, Italy – Large Elbow Millefiori Pattern – and collected from Africa
• Handcrafted Sterling Silver Melon and Rondelle Beads and Toggle Clasp from Bali
• Finished with Silver French Bullion
• Length: 16.5”


Limited time bonus: Make your purchase today, and we will include free shipping and handling, plus a free canister of Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes with your order.


N0711-103: $325.00 $275.00  (free S&H)

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LARGE ELBOW MILLEFIORI MOSAIC VENETIAN TRADE BEAD: This lovely bead (circa Early 1900’s) was handmade in Venice, Italy and collected from Africa. Millefiori is an Italian word meaning “a thousand flowers” and are known as “mosaic” beads throughout the world. The making of millefiori beads is a two-step process. First the murrine or cane is made and then these are applied to a molten wound glass core and made into beads. The millefiori beads made in Venice were imported to Africa in the late 1800’s and traded or sold for various things. Most of the surviving bead sample cards, showing these beads as they were originally sold are dated to the 1920’s, but that does not mean these beads were not made prior to that time. As shown on the bead timeline in the History of Beads, millefiori beads date to the mid-1800 through the early 1920’s. They are often referred to African Trade Beads and were imported to the United States from African Traders in the late 1960’s. Old African Trade Beads are among the hottest collectibles in the world today and have formed the basis of private bead collections due to their infinite variety and the stories behind them. African Traders are having to go deeper into Africa to find more of these beads today and many styles that were readily available 5 years ago are no longer seen today.




Additional Product Photos


African Trade Bead handcrafted in Venice Italy


Finished with Silver French Bullion





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